Book Gallery West                  4121 N.W. 16th Blvd.  Gainesville, Fl. 32605                               352-371-1234
4121 N.W. 16th Blvd., Gainesville, Fl. 32605             352-371-1234

Used and New Books

Buying Your Used Books
Did you know that we want to buy your used books?  Please bring them in!  We will pay you cash or you can take a credit for future book buying.  Its your choice.

We will look at them as soon as possible, usually within twenty-four hours.  We can review two medium boxes of books at a time per customer.  Bring them in boxes rather than containers you need returned.  If we can't use them, you can either take them home or donate them to good causes: Friends of the Library picks up once a week from our store.  Books for children and teenagers go to the schools in Gilchrist County.  We are looking to buy books that will be appealing to our customers and that we need at the time.  They need to be in good to excellent condition and fairly recent unless they are timeless, such as spiritual books.  Books that were printed with a dust cover must have them.  We never buy library books, book club books or periodicals.  We kindly ask that you leave books with odors, water damage or live creatures at home.

Used Books
Used books are a great bargain compared to new books.  Since we buy nicer used books, often they look virtually new and can be given as gifts.  Quality hardback fiction sells for as little as $3.95 in front of the store.

Trade Books
We have a large section of mass market paperbacks.  They can either be purchased for $3.95 or traded for half price, $1.98.  If traded, the customer brings in a newer mass market paperback in good condition to exchange.  We reserve the right to refuse paperbacks in poor condition.

New Books
Top current New York Times bestsellers in each category are always on sale: 25% off of hardbacks and 10% off paperbacks.

Special Orders
Our turn-around is the fastest in town!  Because we order 5 times per week, most books arrive in 2-3 business days.  If the order is picked up at the store, there is no shipping charge but you can request selections to be mailed directly from the distributor to your home for an additional fee.

Children and Young Adults Books
Our younger readers are important to us.  We stock books required for reading by local schools. 

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