Book Gallery West                  4121 N.W. 16th Blvd.  Gainesville, Fl. 32605                               352-371-1234
4121 N.W. 16th Blvd., Gainesville, Fl. 32605             352-371-1234

What's New

What's new with us?  Customers who bring us books that we can't use don't have to take them back home unless they want to.  The prisons in the area pick up donated books several times per month.  The librarians with the correctional system are particularly grateful.  They tell us they have a "zero budget" for books.  Children's books are picked up by the Gainesville Women's Club.  there they go to the United Way which distributes them to needy children.

We have several book signings a month now.  Check "Book Marks" in the Gainesville Sun for upcoming events or the store's Facebook page.
We sell used books online through Amazon.  As the number of books have grown that we have available, so has our Amazon presence.   Look for us when you shop there or go directly to our Amazon inventory. 

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